Reasons For the Success of the Pharma Franchise in India

Reasons for the success of the Pharma Franchise in India

The sectors of the PCD pharmaceutical industry are numerous and very diverse. In addition, the pharmacist has a special place in each of these sectors. The profession of industrial pharmacist is therefore very broad and can be associated with many functions. Pharmaceutical industry is a major sector of activity which brings together more than 300 companies. This industry remains weakly concentrated compared to other economic sectors, due to the great variety and specific nature of drugs, techniques and markets. 

The Pharma Franchise in India has proven its success by posting positive results, better than for isolated entrepreneurs, even and especially in times of crisis. It makes it possible to create a commercial and technical collaboration and therefore a collective force which can face large branching groups and snatch up market shares. In addition, the combination of “franchisor’s” know-how “and” entrepreneurial spirit “franchisee, added to investment sharing, allows rapid development. (Sharing of investments in the sense that the franchisee invests in his business and the franchisor in what allows the network to thrive) Not to mention that in franchising, structures are simpler and more economical than in branching because a good franchisee is motivated and does not need to be “pushed” which saves positions of monitoring, control, supervision, management.

The pros of taking ownership of Pharma Franchise Company in India

The success of a brand is a common objective of the Pharma Franchise Company in India. Success depends on several factors, however, it is not guaranteed and failure can occur, sometimes where you least expect it. In this case, the franchisee will have to assume its losses while sometimes it does not feel the only responsible for this failure.

Franchising is a project that reduces risks without being able to eliminate them entirely. This truth should not discourage potential candidates because the statistics prove it, the franchise works well and greatly reduces the risks!

Advantages of the Having Pharma Franchise Company in India:

  • Pharma Franchising offers greater chances of success compared to isolated businesses
  • Purchasing power
  • Advertising power
  • Investment sharing, financial leverage, financing facility
  • Pooling of know-how
  • Considerable resources for rapid development on a national, even international scale

Becoming a Best Pharma Franchise in India: Advantages

The decision to join a franchise network rather than launching it alone must come after careful consideration and the conclusion that franchising has undeniable advantages. However, as a Best Pharma Franchise in India, you have to know your obligations and be aware of the possible drawbacks.

  • Benefit from a brand with a strong reputation, the purchasing power and communication of a network
  • Benefit from a real competitive advantage
  • Safer start-up and faster ramp-up
  • Significantly better short, medium and long term success rate
  • Superior professional mastery thanks to the transfer of know-how and permanent assistance
  • Being a business owner and independent without loneliness
  • Hope for a better return on the capital invested
  • A concept in constant evolution to guarantee the sustainability of franchised companies

The franchisor must submit their license at least twenty days before the signing of the franchise contract or the payment of a sum of money linked to the reservation of a location area for example.

When the franchise agreement is signed, the franchisor makes available to the franchisee its brand, its know-how, its products, technical assistance. The franchisee will also have access to the network of members of the brand and will be able to benefit from their respective experiences. By choosing the Pharma franchise, the business manager will gain visibility thanks to the notoriety of the brand and reduce its communication costs since it is the franchisor that takes care of advertising campaigns at local and national level.

The Location Typology: a Key Element of Know-How

The type of location sought is really part of the franchisor’s strategy. It alone has enough perspective to know if his concept is better expressed in the city center than in a shopping center for example. The franchisor must also be able to know if his concept is better expressed on 150 m² than on 50 m²!

With these elements in hand, the franchisee will be able to optimize and target its search for premises and goodwill, sometimes in close collaboration with the head of the network. The franchisee thus knows what types of premises he must seek or what format will be offered to him by the network head.

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