What is the Process to Start an Online Pharmacy in India?

Online Pharmacy in India

A pharmaceutical business is one business venture that survives despite the market fluctuations. This is because people will keep getting sick regardless of the market ups and downs and to get better, medicines would always be required. The economy of India has touched great heights in recent years and this economic development will work its magic on the pharmaceutical industry as well.

In this state of great economic growth, starting an online pharmacy in India is bound to get good results. The country has seen a surge in online pharmacy businesses as more and more individuals and businesses are becoming a part of the industry by starting online pharmacy.

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Since the online pharmacy domain is not strictly regulated, it takes an effort to start an online pharmacy in India. Read below to learn the procedure of launching an online pharmacy in India.

How to Start Online Pharmacy in India


1. Prerequisites of Starting an Online Pharmacy

In order to start an online pharmacy in India, ensure that the following prerequisites are fulfilled.

  • To start an online pharmacy in India requires the pharmacy owner to be a registered pharmacist/chemist or get a registered pharmacist/chemist on board.
  • The pharmacist must hold a valid drug license.
  • The pharmacist must sign the bills.
  • Before accepting orders, make sure the prescriptions are genuine.
  • The pharmacist must supervise the outgoing drug order.

2. Scope out the Challenges and Benefits Associated with an Online Pharmacy


  • When you start an online pharmacy in India, you must be ready to face certain challenges that affect this business model. However, through planning and wise decision making, no challenge is too great to overcome.
  • Additionally, online pharmacy is a boon for senior citizens and disabled who cannot afford to go out and buy medicines.
  • Working class people get no time to go to the store and purchase medicine, therefore, they find online pharmacies very convenient.

3. Draft a Revenue Model

Planning the revenue model is an integral and significant step in the launch of the online pharmacy.

  • This cost-effective business requires efforts in terms of online promotion and advertisement.
  • By getting pharma companies to place their classified ads on the main pages of the online pharmacy website will work wonders for the pharmacy’s reputation and sales.
  • You could bargain for a significant profit margin through bulk purchase orders from suppliers.

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Once you learn how an online pharmacy works, this could be an attractive business opportunity with loads of benefits. These are the business’s cost efficacy, high-profit margins, and lower operating costs. Some research, planning, and efforts are all it takes to launch an online pharmacy in India.

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What are the Requirements of a Pharma Franchise Company in Chandigarh?

Best Pharma Franchise Company in Chandigarh :

Are you interested in doing business with a Pharma Franchise Company in Chandigarh? If the answer to your question is “yes”, then Pharmafranchisemart is exactly the place you should be in.
As the market is flowing with numerous pharma franchise companies, it can become cumbersome to select one pharma franchise company in Chandigarh that is a perfect fit for your business requirements. Therefore, we offer our assistance in finding the right pharma franchise company through a list of prerequisites that are followed by the top companies all around India.
Based on these prerequisites, you couldmakea decisionas to which pharma franchise company is worth your time and investment.

Why is Chandigarh considered a safe bet for the Best Pharma Franchise Company in India?

Chandigarh is closer to be a metropolitan city and, on its way, to becoming a smart city well known for its technology and pharmaceutical industries. With several thousand pharmaceutical companies including pharma franchise manufacturer, pharma suppliers, pharma franchise companies, the Chandigarh Tricity area is one of the biggest pharmaceutical hubs of North India.
Almost every pharma franchise manufacturer is part of the pharma franchise network of India that is responsible for delivering quality medicines to the market in a safe and timely fashion.

What are the Requirements of a Pharma Franchise Company in Chandigarh

Core Characteristics of the Best Pharma Franchise Company in Chandigarh

There are many advantages of working as a pharma franchise distributor for the best pharma franchise company in Chandigarh such as

  • Access to the latest approved molecules and breakthrough inventions
  • Competitive Pricing or net rates of pharma products
  • Promotional inputs such as business visiting cards, product manuals, visual aids, marketing bags, brochures, pens, diaries, letterheads, free product samples;
  • Monthly incentives and bonus;
  • Marketing rights for distribution and promotion in the target area;
  • Round the clock assistance and training on products and customer support as and when needed;
  • Bulk orders of medicines with unmatched pricing.
  • Requirements for starting a Pharma Franchise Company in Chandigarh

  • Minimum experience of 5 years working with any of the top pharma companies in India;
  • The pharma franchise company setup must comprise of a team of 8-10 experts;
  • Minimum investment required to start a pharma franchise company is around Rs 4-5 lakhs;
  • The company must be registered and possess all the necessary license such as TIN, GST number, drug license.
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    How to Start Pharma Franchise for a Medicine Franchise Company

    Pharma Franchise for a Medicine Franchise Company

    There are ample facts to support the high success rate of running a pharma franchise for a medicine franchise company in India. The payoffs and the profits are good and are often talked about in the same sentence as a medicine franchise. Therefore, an investment into a starting a franchise for the best medicine franchise companies is deemed a golden investment.

    The reason why working with an established medicine franchise companies is considered lucrative is because of the increasing demand for quality health solutions that in turn requires a good distribution network to cope up with. This presents a wider scope for growth and expansion for both- the pharma franchise distributor and the medicine franchise company.

    Pharma Franchise Vs Pharma PCD

    A pharma franchise business is, without a doubt, an ideal business venture for freshers and experienced individuals who are passionate and keen to launch a bright future in pharma. Even though the concept of pharma franchise is quite popular, confusion continues to exist between a Pharma franchise and Pharma PCD. The terms, though used interchangeably, are different with regards to the scope, industry experience, minimum order, and investment.

    Scope of Operation

    A Pharma franchise for a medicine franchise company has a broader scope of operation whereas a Pharma PCD has a limited scope of operation.


    To start a Pharma franchise for the best medicine franchise company requires more investment whereas a Pharma PCD can be started with very little capital.


    To work for the Top medicine franchise company, a pharma franchise distributor must have 10 years of experience in the pharma industry, whereas all it takes to become a pharma PCD distributor is the passion to do well.

    How to Start Pharma Franchise for a Medicine Franchise Company

    A medicine franchise company requires its pharma franchise to start with a high minimum order whereas the opposite is true for a Pharma PCD.

    Some Tips For starting Pharma Franchise Company

    A pharma franchise distributor must keep a few things in mind that are crucial to the success of a pharma franchise. Listed below are the essentials of starting a medicine franchise for the best medicine franchise company in India.

    Choose the Best Medicine Franchise Companies

    Selecting the right medicine franchise company is the foremost and most crucial step when starting a pharma franchise Company. Through an extensive market study, you could determine your potential company’s credentials such as its financial, past performance, policies, code of conduct, and so much more.

    Look for the best quality Pharma Products

    Look out for both quality and quantity when selecting pharma products. Go only with the best quality and diverse products that are available in large quantities to make product line expansion easy in the long run. Make sure the medicine franchise company is equipped to ensure a quick inventory restock.

    Pharma Franchise Agreement

    A pharma franchise agreement must be prepared and signed by the medicine franchise company and the medicine franchise distributor. The agreement must include the payment terms, other terms & conditions, liability clauses, etc.